Find Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about a Login Account

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Why Get a Member Login Account

With a login account you have up to date access to your personal health and retirement information.

How to Get a Member Login Account

Complete a PIN Request Form.

Member Login Page

Go to the My Trust/Member Login Page to login to your personal account.

Member Login Account Information

With a member login account you have access to the following information:

  • Personal Information

    Find out what address, phone number, date of birth etc. we have on file. This makes it easy for you to know if you need to contact us to update your information if it's wrong. If the Administration Office does not have your correct contact information on file, your Health and Pension benefits may not be paid timely. The best way to correct your personal information is to complete a new enrollment form.
  • Eligibility

    Look at the last 12 months of Health eligibility information.
  • Dependents

    Find out which dependents we have on file for you.
  • Hours & Contributions

    Find out what hours and contributions we have on file for you. This information makes it easy for you to confirm that your hours and contributions are being reported correctly. For your convenience, information goes back several years.
  • Retirement

    Look up your retirement information including service credit, total hours worked and your Pension benefit amount earned to date.
  • Annuity

    Look up information about your annuity benefits.
  • Beneficiary

    Look up who you have listed as your beneficiary and find forms to add and update your beneficiary information as needed. To update your beneficiary information complete a new enrollment form.